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e-Learning & Development

e-Learning & Development

Transfer valuable knowledges to your employees with CodiHaus L&D platform.

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The e-Learning (L&D) system is an online training technology that helps businesses save costs and time for employee training. This system provides the ability to access many remote courses and customize training courses to meet the needs of each employee.

Cost savings: e-Learning reduces the cost of traditional classroom training. It eliminates the need for physical classrooms, training materials, and instructor travel.

Time savings: With e-Learning, employees can learn at their own pace and schedule. They don't need to take time off work to attend training sessions, and can access the training content at their convenience.

Flexibility and customization: It provides a variety of training methods, such as videos, interactive simulations, quizzes, and more. This enables employees to learn in a way that suits their learning style and preferences.

Increased retention and engagement: Employees can take quizzes, participate in simulations, and access other interactive elements, increasing their engagement and motivation to learn.

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We sign in to more websites and services than ever, each with more steps

 to navigate and more things to remember...or forget



The feature of multi-channel connectivity in CRM (Zalo, Email, Facebook Messenger, Livechat, VoIP) helps to interact with customers on multiple channels, enhance customer experience and optimize customer care processes.

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The feature of automating tasks based on scenarios in CRM helps to automate workflows, optimize time, and increase efficiency. Minimizing errors and improving service quality.

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VoIP Hotline

Support VoIP hotline to receive calls from customer easily.

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Sales Pipelines

Automating processes from order reception to delivery ensures service quality and increases customer satisfaction.

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EN We sign in to more websites and services than ever, each with more steps to navigate and more things to remember...or forget

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