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We build websites &
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Get the most of reduction in your team’s operating costs for the whole product which creates softwares that scale.

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Established in 2014, our vision has made us the best choice for clients of all types who seek for long-term relationships and value well-developed applications.

User Focused

Develop application with user-centric method, where we will work to bring the best user experiences

200% Cultural

Instead of working what has been told, we will work more than customer expected, 200%

Scale in mind

Think big, do small, move fast. We make the highly adaptable systems that is scalable in the future.

Agile Development

We do 1 week sprint instead of 2 weeks as normal, testing driven to make sure we can deliver

Our Services

Websites &
Web Applications.

CodiHaus is proud to be the high-quality software outsourcing partner to leading companies. We help clients overcome the challenges of managing multiple tasks with high technology conducted by our professional team.

Impressive UX/UI

At CodiHaus, we strongly believe in the value of good design, we take care that each site stands unique, represent the values and the objectives of each project and we design it with the end user in mind.

Websites Development

We make websites that are friendly with search engines and for sharing on social networks. The web is designed for the end user, ready for mobile devices and desktop. 

Web Applications Development

Create and deploy mission-critical web applications that scale with your business. The application must be easy to use and give the user a great experience.

Our Services

Integration & Automation

We provide the suitable solutions to your business, base on famous open-sources to meet your fast growing demand.

Managed CRM

Help you store customer information centrally and consistently, which takes care of customers more effectively, increasing revenue for businesses. 

Integration Service

Say yes to faster, simpler and more efficient integration between business units, customers, and partners. Unify data and applications that results in a smoother workflow and boosting productivity.

Automate Repeating Tasks

Operational and repetitive tasks become less of a burden and makes your life simpler and easier with automated system. Evaluate which ones of your tasks could be automated to save both time and money.

Enterprises & Global Brand

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work for.


Cake by VPBank is a digital banking application that brings convenience and ease to money management

Wide range of niches

Extensive Experiences

You can rest on us for our experiences, we can deliver what you want!

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