Manage work effectively with 5 golden skills to remember

Are you under pressure with too much work? Are you bored because everything is messed up? Effective task management skills will help you troubleshoot.
Manage work effectively with 5 golden skills to remember

Are you having a headache with dozens of tasks every day? You have to stay up until 2.3 am just to write a report? You don’t have enough time to spend with your family just because of work overload? So what is the cause? Due to too much work or because you do not know how to manage work effectively.

Quản lý công việc hiệu quả với 5 kỹ năng vàng cần ghi nhớ

1/ Are job management skills really necessary?

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but why can someone get the job done on time and have time for other things? And there are people who do not have any space to “breathe” because of the pile of work?

To answer this question, you need to know a very important skill to increase work productivity. It’s a job management skill.

Task management is an activity that specifically arranges the work that happens in the present and in the future. This skill helps individuals not only master time but also master themselves before the events that happen every day.

At the same time, this skill also helps individuals and organizations save time, increase work efficiency and complete work on time.

2. What are 2/ 5 job management skills to keep in mind?

Specific planning skills for all jobs and each job

Take a little time each day to plan your work for tomorrow and next week. This will help you control the amount of work that ensures the best level of completion.

To make the best work arrangement, you should categorize your work. The most important work will be put on top, continuing the importance will gradually decrease to the bottom. And the jobs that have been completed, please mark again with the score corresponding to the level of completion of that work.

When you plan the work and score it for completion, it will help you know if you did well or not. And what points need to be improved so that the next time will do better with the same job.

Ability to divide work for others and when working in groups

The issue of teamwork and how to assign work fairly is always the biggest concern when starting to work in groups. And it’s usually the manager’s job to do this at least once every two weeks.

To make the assignment easier, you need to specifically write down the necessary jobs on the assignment table and assign tasks in accordance with each person’s capacity. Avoid putting too many things on your body. This both makes you tired and does not guarantee fairness.

Manage work effectively with 5 golden skills to remember

On the other hand, you should also listen to your teammates while working in groups. Because most likely ideas from them will bring you more experience and new knowledge.

A team work schedule does not necessarily have to receive all the consensus of the whole team. But at the very least, it should be the most accepted roster.

Effective task reminder skills

Reminding teammates too often to do their job can sometimes make them feel like you don’t trust them and can dent solidarity.

Therefore, the reminder also needs to be planned specifically and let the members know in advance. If you’re a business manager, reminders should be specifically stratified.

For example, you remind the head of the department, then the head of the department continues to remind the head of the department and then the rest of the employees. This will save you time and get the most accurate information.

Quản lý công việc hiệu quả với 5 kỹ năng vàng cần ghi nhớ

Remember to evaluate the work in a certain time unit

Once you’re done with how to organize your work effectively, you need to summarize it. It is very important to summarize the work in a certain time unit (day, week, month, year). It helps reinforce the quality of your work and helps you make the most accurate judgments.

Take proper rest and relaxation

Good work management does not mean that you just allow yourself to be immersed in work, but you should also arrange for yourself some appropriate rest and relaxation time.

Make a rest plan based on work time and health status. Choose healthy leisure activities and refuse unhelpful offers.

Besides, during your break, you should avoid taking on extra work. One of the most skillful ways to refuse a job is to respond quickly and decisively, but still ensure respect and want to keep in touch with that partner.

Example: After carefully reviewing my job offer…I realized that I don’t have enough time to fulfill the job well and ensure the quality. Thank you very much for this offer and hope to be able to work with you on some other occasion…

Work pressure will be greatly reduced if you know how to effectively manage work and the above 5 golden skills. Make a note now to equip yourself with useful luggage in the future.


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