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In June 2021, CodiHaus has an opportunity to cooperate with Cake by VPBank – a free digital banking application that meet all your daily life needs in website development project. Website with the impressive design has been launched in the early of September that imprints Cake brand on customer’s mind.

About Cake

Cake Digital Bank was launched in January 2021, considered as a new solution for e-banking in Vietnam. Cake is a cooperation between Be Group – the owner and developing of the Be ride-hailing application – and Vietnam Prosperity Commercial Joint Stock Bank (VPBank).

Cake offers a wide range of banking products and services, allowing customers to perform all transactions such as opening a bank account, sending and receiving money, etc., without going to a transaction office. Cake develops breakthrough financial technologies to allow customers to open accounts in just two minutes, using a mobile phone account, and an electronic customer identification (eKYC) system that helps customers settle contracts with their digital signature. All products and services that Cake provides are licensed by the State Bank of Vietnam through VPBank.

Cake is the first digital bank in Vietnam integrated with a ride-hailing app, in which daily operations are managed by beFinancial, a member company of Be Group.

Launching website

In the early of September, after the hard work of redesigning and coding, new website has been launched to the community, which is more impressive and bring more useful information to Cake’s customer. CodiHaus is very pleased to be the Trustworthy Tech Partner that contributes to the development of Cake by VPBank. With the goal to bring the best service to clients, CodiHaus has been continuously meeting to update client’s review to enhance in the design and coding of website. These are some screenshots of the new web that may make you wow!

The design is made to be suitable with Gen Z so that contains bright colours, especially pink neon, Gato mascot and donux cakes to follow the brand guildeline. When searching page, customers can feel interested in the animation so they can catch up the information easily and have a best experience on CodiHaus hopes that this is the precious chance for us to enhance our service quality and strengthen our position as a software outsourcing agency.


Established in 2014, our vision has made CodiHaus the best choice for clients of all types who seek for long-term relationships and value well-developed applications. We are proud to be the high-quality software outsourcing partner to leading companies such as Macintosh, Acervietnam, Baemin, Cake by VPBank, Upfit,…

Owning a team of programmers with a heart and a vision, we can well meet all requirements from customers from comprehensive consultation to the production of the most qualified products, making even the most demanding customers feel satisfied and secure when use our services.

In addition to website development, CodiHaus also provides custom web application and automation & integration. We believes that you will have the most professional and wonderful experience, so you won’t need to worry about problems that will occur during operation.

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