Boost sales with Mini App on Zalo

A new form of doing business during the epidemic season that many retail businesses have applied, creating a mini online sales app on Zalo.

Zalo is probably no stranger to Vietnamese people. 80 percent of Smartphone users in Vietnam have installed Zalo App on their phones, automatically becomes one of the app platforms with the highest traffic volume in Vietnam. So, what is creating an online sales app on Zalo? And what advantages should your business learn about? Let’s read through the useful article below!

1. What is creating an online sales app on Zalo?

Even if you have tried one way after another, you must have admitted to yourself that doing business online during the epidemic season is getting more and more difficult, right? With strict restrictive policies from the government, and moves to ban direct business at stores, almost many small and medium businesses have turned to online business with less risk. And the result is….? Almost 8 out of 10 businesses landed on popular online business platforms such as Facebook, Zalo, Instagram,… e-commerce platforms (Shopee, Tiki, Lazada),… leading to harsh competition.

Online business in Covid is not easy

Similar to the online business forms mentioned above, creating an app has almost become a trend and a keyword that is searched a lot today. If you are worried that creating an app will not bring any results because you do not have marketing costs, and you currently do not have a large number of customers, then the option of creating an app on Zalo is the best solution.

2. Create Mini App on Zalo

Now, the Zalo platform has allowed businesses that are trading in many different types of goods such as coffee, food, clothing, service tickets, entertainment, … to integrate their shopping app on this platform. More specifically, the apps will appear as mini apps with a fairly simple product interface, concentrating all product information, and no ads. Some features on the mini app such as:

  • Product selection
  • Add product to cart
  • Pay for products directly at Zalo (fast operation, no interface switching)

As a result, the shopping experience of the mini app Zalo is almost simplified, bypassing the intermediary steps, and increasing the shopping conversion rate higher than conventional business forms.

3. Benefits of creating an online sales app on Zalo

Create a mini app on Zalo with many great benefits for businesses

Zalo is really a convenient shopping channel with millions of visits every month. Thanks to always upgrading and improving the user experience, now mini apps on Zalo can also reach more shopping customers. Here are some of the many benefits of creating a mini app on Zalo:

  • Opportunity to reach a large number of potential customers with millions of visits per month
  • Fully censored and secured from Zalo system to help customers trust your app more
  • Your App will be programmed with UI/UX* in sync with Zalo’s original interface, making the customer’s shopping experience even better.
  • Super-fast payment with Zalo Pay helps customers to buy goods faster and more conveniently
  • Enhancing business reputation when accompanying Zalo
  • And in the end, that’s it: Sales growth is better than ever

4. How to create Mini App?

With CodiHaus, your business can create mini apps easily, not only on Zalo but on any mobile commerce platform such as: Momo, Tiki, Lazada, Shoppee,.. to boost your sales much efficiently

You do not need to contact Zalo to make an app, but now, Zalo allows you to design your own app, then send it to Zalo’s moderators for review. So, the only way to create a mini app on Zalo is to contact professional programming companies to do it.

As one of the relatively young programming companies today, CodiHaus is proud to have implemented a series of outstanding sales app design projects for many large enterprises. When creating a mini sales app on Zalo with CodiHaus, you will get:

  • Free consultation on suitable app making solutions
  • Proposing the most optimal features and interface for each product/business model
  • Optimize implementation costs, commit to exact deployment time
  • A team of highly qualified, well-trained and professional technicians
  • Support to speed up the process of sending apps to Zalo system

Thus, creating a mini-selling app on Zalo has become an online business craze for many businesses today, please contact CodiHaus for more specific advice on this solution as well as equip yourself. add online business luggage during the epidemic season and in the future!

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