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Give your system ability to connect with each other and synchronized without human actions. Automate your business now!


Automation For a Wide Range of Industries.

Together with experienced experts, we research and design software suitable for different industries.

Crawling Data

Systematically browsing websites on the World Wide Web, helping to collect information about those websites for search engines.

Syncs Products

Merges all information of products and orders from sales channels on the e-commerce floor into a common admin page.

Social Posting

Help you post articles on social networks automatically and can post on many social networks at the same time instead of manually posting.

Automated Schedule Tasks

You'll spend less time every day on repetitive work, which can quickly become burdensome or annoying.

Automated Banking

The repetitive tasks that once dominated the workforce are now being replaced with more intellectually demanding tasks.

eCommerce Integration

Efficient eCommerce integration creates accurate sales data through automated, real-time inventory updates in separate systems.

Run your business
while sleeping

We provide the custom web applications to automate your system, where usually it require human actions to be done.

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Dedicated services for your company.

We advise not only on the choice of technology, but also on business issues and strategy related to the development of a new application.

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We want to be your long-time partner, the solutions we design would be affordable and reasonable with your budget and business goal.

has been done
1. Brief

Analyze your business requirements

4. Develop

Turn cool designs into real applications

2. Research

Research solutions, users behaviors

5. Testing

Testing the applications and features

3. Prototype

Star making prototype and designs

5. Release

Release the feature to custmer, every 1 week

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