8 ways to manage work for the highest efficiency

How to get the job done in the best way? How to manage work in the most effective way? That is the question we ask every time we look at the unfinished task list. Today, CodiHaus will introduce to you a new rule to manage work in the best way.

1. Make a list of what you need to do

Each person will have different jobs and tasks in each day are also different. To manage your work effectively, you should keep in mind the important tasks that you must take care of. Remember, the more complete you organize the task, the easier and more effective it will be to do it.

Bạn nên sắp xếp công việc cần làm theo thứ tự ưu tiên và để lịch công việc ở những nơi dễ thấy, dễ nhớ. Bạn cũng có thể viết vào sổ tay hoặc dùng phần mềm note trên máy tính của mình.

2. Make a list what you will do

Take the last 15 minutes of Friday to create a schedule for next week and then plan to do it. Likewise, you can make a work management plan for the following month. Being organized will help you perform better and give you a strong incentive to work more efficiently.

3. Set a time limit to get things done for better task management

You should get in the habit of setting deadlines for your tasks. It is recommended that you write down all the tasks that need to be completed, then you will have the determination to do those tasks. If you try to complete the deadline you set, you will not fall into the situation of “the grass grow under your feet”. Surely then you will make mistakes if you do it in a hurry.

4. Always have a backup time for each job

If you pay attention to the schedule of people who control their time well, you will easily realize that they always leave a little extra time between meetings or work. This period is relatively important because no one knows if something unexpected will happen or not.

5. Clean your desk regularly

The clutter of office supplies and piles of unordered papers can have a significant impact on your work efficiency. Instead of having to frantically search for documents in a pile of paper, you will have time to do other things. Make your desk clean and tidy.

To do that, you should spend the last 30 minutes of each working session gathering important papers and organizing them in an orderly place in a place that is easy to see and remember. Get rid of unnecessary things and destroy papers you no longer use. Or you can implement the once-a-month rule: if more than 30 days have passed since you last used the papers, you can safely throw them in the trash.

6. Arrange work at the right time

Usually morning is when people are most alert. Therefore, you can take advantage of the morning time to do important things.

You should schedule meetings and brainstorming sessions around noon. This is the best time for us to exchange ideas with each other. Therefore, spend time in the morning on tasks that require scrutiny and scrutiny, and time before lunch on less important tasks.

7. Don’t embrace everything

If you’re the leader you’ll have a group of people to delegate to, so your workload can be reduced. But if you’re an employee, don’t worry too much. You should review your work and ask if your co-workers can help. The sharing of work also contributes to the connection between you and your colleagues.

8. Don’t try too hard

You work efficiently but also have to rest properly. Don’t let work “overwhelm your head and ride your neck”. It will be very harmful if your health is reduced, because then you will not only not be able to complete the work you are doing, but also affect many other jobs. You should have a reasonable “relaxation” when doing stressful jobs.

Do not let your mind be stretched too much, because if so, it is easy to lead to stress and other cardiovascular diseases that affect your work and health later.

In short, the secret of effective work management is in your hands, you just need to think and figure out how to perform the tasks set out. You should analyze what you do tomorrow, next week, next month, and cut down on the minutiae to maximize your potential. And you should remember, effort and perseverance are extremely necessary, no effort is stupid, only those who do not make efforts are stupid people.


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